Reducing our carbon footprint

Reducing our individual and collective carbon footprint is an idea whose time has come. The process has deservedly taken its place as a priority for many in today’s society. And we’re committed to doing our part to maintain our planet for future generations.

We are 100% Australasian owned and operated. We therefore have a vested interest in keeping this little corner of the globe as pure and clean as we can.

We actively source modern vehicles with low carbon emissions and excellent fuel economy. It’s not just about minimising harm to the environment, but actively improving what we currently have.

For a small fee you can choose carbon neutral car rental. Our exclusive Green Fleet initiative is important in these efforts – the process ensuring one tree is planted for every 600km travelled in a Thrifty rental car. The aim of this programme is to reduce emissions, improve transport efficiency, reduce transport costs and offset emissions.

We also have some effective tips for how you can reduce your impact while travelling throughout New Zealand. This is win-win driving – you’ll cut back on fuel costs as you reduce your environmental impact. Be sure to assess your action outside of the rental car too. There are a number of ways we can all protect this beautiful country, from correct rubbish disposal to sticking to marked tracks.

It’s simply about acting responsibly as a business and as individuals, recognising the impact of our actions on the environment and acting accordingly.

We will therefore continue to encourage our customers to drive with the greater environment in mind. We will continue to lead the industry in our efforts to offset carbon pollution. And we will continue to develop and evolve our business at every level to ensure waste is minimised and our environment is protected.

To find out more about our Green Fleet programme go here.  When picking up your vehicle, or by asking when booking over the phone or online, you can choose this helpful, responsible option.