Which side is the fuel cap on?

Did you know most modern vehicles have an arrow beside the fuel indicator to show you which side the fuel cap is on

This is always handy to save the panic about which side the cap is on when pulling up at the petrol station in a rental vehicle!

Safely Fitting Snow Chains

Heading up to the slopes this winter?  Check out our short video on how to safely fit chains to your vehicle.

When should I fit snow chains to my vehicle?

When there is ice or snow on the road, when advised by signs on the roadside, and when advised by the police or land transport.

How do I put on snow chains?

Chains should be put on the two ‘driving’ wheels of a vehicle. Most of Thrifty’s vehicles are front wheel drive vehicles so chains are put on the two front tyres.

What about four wheel drive vehicles?

Although four wheel drive vehicles have better control in slippery conditions, they may still require chains to be fitted. The chains should be fitted to the two front wheels.