The Best Coffee Stops in Christchurch

Like Melbourne in Australia, Christchurch is the Coffee hub for New Zealand, with coffee shops and cafes dotted across the city serving world-class coffee. It doesn't matter where you travel; knowing where to get the best cup of coffee is crucially important. A great coffee spot needs more than just great coffee; it needs atmosphere, a little something to eat and variety. Here we'll count down the top five coffee spots in Christchurch.

Breakfast at a Christchurch cafe.
Park Ranger

Park Ranger is located at 114 Riccarton Road, surrounded by other small coffee shops, eateries and businesses. The setting is a relaxing  minimalist interior, with seating options to look out the window or at one of the seats closer to the counter. On a nice day, sitting out in the courtyard surrounded by the cafe's plants adds to the relaxing cabin-like atmosphere. With broad wooden benches, indoor plants, minimalist chairs and shelving, the café lives up to what you would expect with a name like Park Ranger. Park Ranger is both a café and a deli and is not short on sweet and savoury snacks to accompany your coffee. The seasonally driven menu, changing the options throughout the year, hand-picked ingredients, and extreme attention to detail make this a stand out coffee shop. The signature coffee, hot-air roasted, is enough of a draw on its own, even without the local fresh produce. Park Ranger is an eco-friendly business with organic gardening techniques, sustainable packaging and locally sourced fruit and veg.

Little Poms

Located at 294 Kilmore Street, Christchurch Central City, Little Poms names itself the Cosy Neighbourhood Café, and it's hard to argue, with a varied menu that keeps the old staples that people want but serves up new and exciting breakfast options like beef brisket with potato rosti, Little Poms does everything well. Little Poms includes wine and four taps of local craft beer on the menu, giving you more options at lunch, and sorting the tricky argument of pub or café for lunch. Peak times can be very busy, so diners are encouraged to pre-book a table to ensure seating. 


Ten27 can be found at 1027 Ferry Road, Ferrymead, Christchurch. Ten27 is a locally owned and family-run eatery and bar, seating up to 100 people, with two courtyards and an outdoor fireplace. The site has a polished and sophisticated feel. See live music and have a glass of local New Zealand wine. With nine types of coffee and 10 types of tea on the menu, as well as seasonally sourced eats, including wine and beer, Ten27 offers something for everyone. 

Barista pouring coffee.
Gentle Giant

This Gentle Giant is located at 158 Ferry Road, Waltham, Christchurch, on the outskirts of the city centre. With an industrial vibe and an eclectic feel, Gentle Giant is fitted with concrete, wood and metal. With an interesting and unique menu filled with larger items like sticky chicken and pork belly, but also the staples of eggs every different way, porridge, baked beans, French toast and salads. The coffee doesn't disappoint either. Fitting new and unique breakfast meals with staples is a great way to go, from light to heavy and everywhere in-between.

Black Betty

Famous for its coffee, in a coffee city, Black Betty is housed in a converted warehouse at 165 Madras Street. Although more famous for their coffee blends, Black Betty serves a full brunch menu, as well as freshly made items, stocking the shelves of the countertops. On the menu, you will find 23 different coffee blends, from the standard to the unusual. For food, you have everyone you could possibly want, with gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian options. If you don't feel like coffee, they have seven tea blends and seven cold drinks, as well as smoothie options.

The café scene in Christchurch is only growing, with more delectable cups on offer every year. Experience the cafes, coffee houses, bakeries and roasteries of Christchurch. There are so many fantastic places to explore in Christchurch; to experience the whole city, you might need a cup or two in your system. 

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