Christchurch’s Top Festivals

Christchurch, on the South Island of New Zealand, has a thriving arts community. From the many art galleries and street art to marvel at to the live music nights that frequent the city bars, there is always something to do for those that appreciate the creativity of life. One of the best parts about Christchurch is the festivals that take place here each year. Thousands of excited festival-goers descend into the city to appreciate good music, live performances, and so much more. This blog will be all about Christchurch’s Top Festivals, so read on to discover what you can see while you’re here!


Synthony is a wildly popular music festival that keeps getting better with age. It prides itself on being both unique and incredibly surreal, with live performances from orchestras, singers, DJs, and live performers. It’s the perfect combination of electronic dance with orchestral backup. Expect to hear big artists and big tracks, but in an entirely different way. It’s definitely nothing short of epic - so make sure to head to Christchurch in March to attend the next festival. 

Bread & Circus

Running for close to 30 years, Bread & Circus is the World Buskers Festival! It prides itself on presenting the best of the best in terms of live entertainment, with buskers from all over the world coming here to perform for the masses. With outdoor shows, busking pitches, and so much more, it’s a popular show that promises a festival with a difference. It’s definitely one of the unmissable events of the Christchurch festival calendar, and it takes place in April each year. 


Nostalgia is another unmissable festival that takes place annually in Christchurch. It features both national and international artists, all of whom are excited to perform here each year. Nostalgia promises to make festival-goers feel good all day long; with plenty of delicious food stalls in the area and a continued celebration of collaboration and creativity, it’s definitely one to head to while in Christchurch. It takes place in February each year, so it is the perfect way to say goodbye to summer.

The Great Kiwi Beer Festival

The Great Kiwi Beer Festival celebrates all things, you guessed it, beer-related! With beer tasting throughout the festival from some of the best breweries that New Zealand has to offer, there are plenty of opportunities to have some fun with friends while enjoying the festivities. There are also food trucks and vendors throughout, so it really is a delight for anyone looking for a fun weekend of frivolities. Of course, enjoy this kind of festival sensibly, particularly if you have to get to accommodation after - always arrange transport or have a designated driver in the group. The festival takes place in January each year. 

Electric Avenue Festival

Did we save the best for last? The Electric Avenue Festival has big-name artists grace the stage each year. This is one of the biggest music festivals in New Zealand, and it is definitely worth making a trip across to Christchurch when you get the chance to. The festival is held each year in February, where you can expect a jam-packed day of live music, plenty of entertainment, and heaps of memories to be had. 

Christchurch is renowned for its arts and culture, and this is clear to see when you look at its jam-packed festival lineup. This city loves to celebrate everything, from food and beer to culture, arts, and music. Whether you’re in town for the festivals, or you happen to be in the area when one is on, it’s definitely worth it to see if you can get tickets - because if one thing is for sure, it’s that these festivals are not to be missed!

To uncover the plentiful events that Christchurch has to offer, hire a car from Christchurch Airport or Christchurch Downtown today!

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