Packing tips for your New Zealand Trip

Packing for your trip to the island nation of New Zealand is incredibly exciting. The landscape of New Zealand is as diverse as it is beautiful, with wild and rugged terrain framing the country: black-sanded beaches, glacier lakes, and mountains looming above the ground below. It’s one of the most spectacular countries in the world, so your trip here will likely be filled with hikes and excursions. 

However, with a landscape as varied as New Zealand, packing could be difficult. This blog will include essential items for your trip so you can read through and double-check that you have everything you need.

Pack A New Zealand Adapter Plug

You'll need the right adapter if you’d like to be connected to power during your trip. The New Zealand electrical socket will be different from many other countries, so research ahead of time to get the right one for this particular trip. New Zealand uses the Type I electrical socket, so get an adapter that matches this. 

Invest in a Good Backpack

New Zealand has some of the best hikes in the world and you’ll likely want to complete as many as possible while staying here. Moreover, one of the best ways to see the country is on a road trip, so for both of these reasons alone, having a backpack would be essential. Save yourself the effort of trying to transport a bulky suitcase, and instead invest in a good travelling backpack and a smaller one for day trips and excursions. It’ll be well worth the purchase, as you’ll find it easy to get from location to location and have a reliable storage solution. For day trips, we recommend a 20-30 litre backpack to fit all the essential items in easily. 

Purchase (and Wear In) Some Hiking Boots

New Zealand is full of different trails and unique landscapes. Don’t risk either slipping and falling by wearing your normal trainers on these hikes. Not only do you run the risk of ruining your shoes in muddy terrain, but it is also far riskier due to a lack of grip on these everyday shoes. Investing in a strong pair of hiking boots will be immensely beneficial. You’ll be comfy and safe while tackling the pathways that New Zealand is known for. However, a word of caution is to ensure you wear these shoes before getting here. Hiking boots can be stiff and may damage your feet if you go on a long hike on your first outing in them. So, try them out a few times to loosen them up ahead of your holiday to New Zealand. 

Pack a lot of Layers

The New Zealand weather is varied. This island nation faces a lot of exposure to the winds from colder climates; for example, Christchurch and Wellington are directly exposed to winds from the Antarctic and are known as windy cities. By packing layers you’ll give yourself ample opportunity to wrap up warm and face these cooler temperatures. Even in the summer, the weather can change, so always keep a spare jumper close by, just in case. For outdoor activities, we recommend that these layers are breathable yet warm. 

Pack Lots of Sunscreen

New Zealand endures intense sun. There’s a hole in the ozone layer directly above New Zealand and Australia, meaning that sun exposure here is more dangerous than elsewhere on earth. This sun is powerful, and you can get burned within several minutes - even in winter. Always pack sunscreen of factor 50 or above - and don’t forget to bring back up with you, just in case you run out. 

New Zealand is a fantastic place to visit. With a variety of activities available daily, it’s no wonder that millions of tourists visit every year. Get yourself the best start possible on your trip and pack wisely, with the New Zealand climate and landscape in mind. If you are planning a holiday here soon, we hope this blog has been helpful and you have a wonderful trip. 

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