It's Fast, Free, and Awesome: Blue Chip Member Program Benefits

Sometimes things just belong together. Vegemite and toast. Eggs and bacon. And of course, Thrifty Blue Chip Member Program and your next car rental.

When you sign up for the Blue Chip Member program (don’t worry, it’s free and easy to sign up) you get literally everything you could possibly want when it comes to renting a car. It’s the perfect pairing.

A Better Way to Rent a Car: Blue Chip Member Perks

Receive our best discounts
Standard 15% discount available on every rental
Free Membership
Join for free- no fees, dues or contracts
Priority Counter Service
Priority counter service when needed, location dependent
Quicker Reservation
Enjoy quicker reservation, pick-up and returns
Free Authorised Additional Driver
Spouse or domestic partner
Become a Member

Save 15% off the base rate on future rentals* when you join Thrifty Blue Chip Member Program

Not a Blue Chip Rewards member? Join now and start enjoying the benefits of Blue Chip Rewards membership

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