Business FAQs

What is a Thrifty Corporate Discount (CD) number?

It’s a magic(ish) password – a special number you can give us for specific rates and discounts. A CD number is provided to our business renters who use car rental on a frequent basis.

Where can I find details about your Blue Chip VIP programme?

Simply click here and we’ll tell you all about it.

What is the minimum age to rent a vehicle?

There’s a minimum age of 21 years to rent a vehicle.

Do you offer one-way rentals?

Yes, we definitely do. The one way fee is waivered for our business customers on rentals of 3 or more days. For rentals between 1 and 3 days, the fee for our standard fleet (ECAR to FCAR) is $69 and for all other vehicles, it is $172.50.

Can my travel agent make a booking on our business account?

Your business account details can be loaded into international GDS reservation systems to enable your Travel Management Company to make bookings for you.

Please note that due to delays that occur in transferring GDS bookings into our reservations system, we will only guarantee availability on GDS bookings made 4 hours in advance of pick up time.  Please call our Reservations team on 0800 73 70 70 for bookings within 4 hours of scheduled pick up time.

Is there an additional charge if there will be more than one driver?

No, there is no additional driver surcharge for our valued business customers. All drivers must be present at the rental counter at the time of collection with their drivers licence.

What does 'Premium Location Surcharge' mean?

The Premium Location Surcharge (also known as Airport Recovery Fee) applies to all rentals collected from any of our airport locations and the Wellington and Picton Ferry Terminals. These locations incur additional operational costs for us.

We choose to recover this cost on a ‘user pays’ basis rather than spreading this cost across all our rental sites in New Zealand. This is a worldwide industry standard charge. In some countries the fee aligns with a percentage of revenue charged by the airport companies. For business customers we charge a reduced flat fee of $17.25 per rental. This is a one-off charge regardless of how long the rental is.

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Can I reduce my liability?

Absolutely. We suggest you speak to your Account Manager about Thrifty’s cost-effective insurance options.

What's a satellite location? Are there any fees?

We refer to Taupo, Hokitika and Westport as satellite locations. The pick up and drop fees vary between $51.75 and $166.75.

Can I add ski/board racks, snow chains, child seats or GPS units to my booking?

You sure can! It’s easy to add these optional extras as you make you online booking.

Why is my flight number and terminal required when making a booking?

To ensure we have your rental car waiting for you it’s important to let us know your flight number upon completion of the booking. If you are unsure of your flight number then indicate the terminal and we’ll make sure we’re ready to greet you. NZ provincial airport locations are not staffed outside of flight times.

Can you guarantee the make, model or colour of the vehicle I prefer?

Wouldn’t that be fantastic? Regrettably all our rental vehicles are subject to availability. We can’t guarantee the make or model of the vehicle as we often have varying models within the same category.

Colour? No, unfortunately not. We simply cannot guarantee the colour of your vehicle. But we’ll certainly try our hardest to accommodate any requests. So if (for example) you only drive black cars because of some odd Knight Rider obsession, we’ll do what we can to get what you want.  Be sure to ask our friendly counter staff at the time of collection and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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Can I cancel my booking free of charge?

In the event any specialty vehicle booking is cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled pick up time or if a booking is not cancelled and you do not pick up the vehicle, a cancellation fee equivalent to the first days rental charges will apply.

What account payment options do you have?

A “chargeback” account is based on monthly invoicing with payment due 20th month following. All invoices provide a detailed account of all rental activity and charges applicable including rental days, and sundry charges if applicable (ie; fuel costs, additional insurance) purchase order numbers will also be included where provided.  Invoices are GST inclusive and may be either a paper invoice or electronic – your choice.

A “Pay Direct” account can also be used if you wish each rental to be settled in full at time of vehicle pick up.  This may be used by charging an employee’s personal credit card or by charging a company credit card for all rental activity. Please note that Thrifty charges 1.5% + GST for all amounts transacted on a credit card.

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If paying by credit card, what type can I use?

You can use all the major credit cards and debit cards, providing they have the Visa/MasterCard emblem/logo on them. Please remember that the credit card holder must be present at the time of collection. The 2% fee (plus GST) is calculated on the amount debited to your credit card.

Do I need to check the condition of the vehicle prior to leaving the keys at the counter?

Yes, but rest assured our trained staff will have already inspected the vehicle to the best of their ability prior to pick up. If you find a new apparent defect (not listed on the inspection sheet), then we encourage you to inform a Thrifty employee. A joint examination of the vehicle can then occur.

What happens if I return the vehicle late?

We understand that even the best-laid plans can fail. So we offer a grace period of 59 minutes. We charge an hourly rate for 1 – 4 hours. Anything above 5 hours is considered a 1 rental day.

Can I extend the rental duration?

Yes. Extending the rental duration is possible either at the time of check out or during the rental itself. Contact us or come in to the nearest location. Any extension will be subject to vehicle availability and additional payment.

Can I return the vehicle outside the location operating hours?

Certainly. When the Thrifty location is closed you may return your vehicle to an alternative location. Upon pick up you’ll be given detailed instructions on where to return your rental car. The vehicle remains your responsibility until a Thrifty Representative has checked it.

What if I break down or need help on the road?

We provide free 24-hour mechanical Roadside Assistance. In an emergency, breakdown or accident call 0800 525 525.

Thrifty’s Roadside Assistance does not cover non-mechanical defects such as lost keys (or when you find your keys but they’re locked inside the car). The same goes for when the battery is flat due to the lights being left on, when you’ve got a puncture etc.

The good news is that you’re still eligible to receive assistance. But you’ll need to cover the call-out fee.

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What refuelling options do I have?

You have three of them:

  1. Fuel Purchase Option (FPO). This is a great way to save time. You can pre-purchase the full tank of fuel at a competitive rate then return the car with as little fuel as you like. There are no refunds on fuel not used.
  2. Refuelling Service. A refuelling service is offered when the vehicle is returned with less than a full tank. This cost is then charged to your rental.
  3. Self Service Refuel. Fill up the tank yourself immediately before returning the vehicle.
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I have feedback about the service I received. Who can I speak to about this?

We’d love to hear from you. Good feedback warms our hearts and bad feedback, well… it helps us correct any mistakes and ensure our service is the very best it can be. If you’d like to provide feedback the best way is to speak to your Account Manager.

What are administration fees?

Thrifty charges an administration fee to cover the cost of the time involved to process the paperwork of an infringement. Infringements include speeding tickets, parking fines and unpaid toll fees. The administration fee is $28.75 per infringement. If you’d prefer not to pay this fee, then we recommend driving within the speed limit, parking legally and paying tolls in cash or online within 5 days of travel. If you do travel on a toll road and pay after this 5 day period, please scan and email a copy of your receipt so we can add this to your reservation.

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I have recently had a car rental and require a tax invoice. How can I obtain this?

It’s super simple. You’ll be emailed a copy at the end of your rental.  If you need another copy please get in touch on 0800 73 70 70

Staff Concession Rates

Thrifty is pleased to extend business rates to staff for personal rental use. Employees will just need to ensure they let us know the rental is for personal use. Payment will need to be made when the vehicle is picked up.