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‘Peace-of-mind’ nil excess cover

Driving a rental car in New Zealand can provide a number of challenges. While our roads are generally good quality, our two major islands often have four seasons in one day, and conditions can rapidly change. And then, sometimes, there’s just plain old bad luck.

The majority of our customers therefore often choose to make the extra investment in reducing the excess on their hire car. With our Stress-Free Cover (TPP) there’s no risk and no worries, just the freedom to enjoy your journey to its true potential. The nil liability of this package means you’ll have the peace-of-mind that, should the worst happen, you’re completely covered.

Rates for our standard fleet (ECAR to FCAR) are $35.65 per day. Rates for our specialty fleet (IFAR to UFMR) are $41.40 per day. This option provides the hirer/authorised driver with nil excess. You will be fully liable for any damage to the vehicle and any third party property if the terms and conditions of the rental agreement are breached.