Save up to 22% off* when you book early
Book Early and save up to 22% off the base rate*

How it works:

Book two (2) weeks before your rental to receive 17% off

Book four (4) weeks before your rental to receive 22% off

Note: Discount will automatically adjust depending on travel dates.

*Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information.

*terms & conditions
  • Offer available until October 31st 
  • Discount varies based on Booking Date & Rental dates 
  • Rentals booked 2 week weeks in advance receive 17% off 
  • Rentals booking 4 weeks in advance receive 22% off
  • Available from all Corporate Thrifty Locations
  • Available on Vehicle Groups Compact Auto (D - CDAR), Compact Hybrid (D2-CDAH), Fullsize Hybrid (F2 - FDAH), Compact SUV (G - CFAR), Compact SUV Hybrid (G2-CFAH), Premium Wagon AWD (H - FFDR), Intermediate 2WD SUV (I - IFAR), Intermediate AWD (J - IFDR), Intermediate SUV Hybrid (J2 - IFAH), Premium 4WD (M - PFBR), Luxury 8 Seater (K - FVAR), 12 Passenger Van (X - PVAR)
  • Standard blackout periods apply
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