Charging your EV

There’s nothing technical or difficult about charging your EV, and with an ever increasing number of public charging stations popping up around the country – charging is as easy and as safe as charging your mobile phone. 2017 Ioniq Electric Vehicle (EV)

Here’s what’s involved with charging while out and about.

Types of Charging Stations

There are three types of chargers available for your EV, all three charging methods will top up your EV – but the time they take to do so differs.  As the names suggest, rapid and fast chargers work much quicker than slow chargers – meaning you’ll spend less time at the charging station and more time driving.

Fast Chargers

All fast chargers are rated between 7kW and 22KW and will typically recharge small electric vehicles in 3 – 4 hours

Rapid Chargers

Rapid chargers rate rated over 43kW and will typically recharge a small electric vehicle from flat to 80% in approximately 30 minutes.

Slow Chargers

These are often found where drivers can stop longer (shops, tourism attractions, accommodation providers), charging is usually free and can take several hours.

How do I charge my EV?

All fast charge stations have tethered cables, so there is no need to bring your own cables.
  • Sign up to a fast charging network or download an app for easy payment
  • Plug in and go.
  • When charging, keep a close eye on the battery levels so you do not prevent other EV users from plugging in once your battery is full

How much will it cost to charge my EV?

Charging typically cost about $10 per 100km.  To recharge your battery to 80% takes approximately 30 minutes on a rapid charger.