Thrifty goes Electric
Road trips just got a whole lot greener. Thrifty is thrilled to add electric vehicles to its fleet, giving customers a sustainable option for their next car rental.

Our Range

Experience Polestar

Founded on performance and power, the Polestar brand's racing origins shine through in the new all-electric Polestar 2. With a simple-yet-unique design, all-wheel drive and the horsepower to kickstart any trip, the Polestar 2 is ready to be your next rental car. 

Experience Tesla

Not your EVeryday cars, Tesla's Model Y and Model 3 provide sleek and aerodynamic drives, standing out as top performers among gas-powered and electric cars alike. City or country, business or leisure, Tesla's Model Y and Model 3 are ready for your next adventure. 

Thrifty Electric Fleet

Polestar 2

To find out more on driving and charging a Polestar 2 Click here.

Tesla Model 3

To find out more on driving and charging a Tesla Click here.

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y
How do I charge an electric vehicle?

Recharging an EV is just like filling up with gas, but rather than inserting a nozzle at a gas station, you insert a connector at a charging station. Use the following steps to charge your EV: 

1. Depending on the vehicle model, you can open the charge port cover via the touchscreen or by pushing on the cover 

2. Remove charging station connector from dock and insert into the car’s charge port. While charging, the charge port logo will flash green. 

3. The touchscreen will inform you of charge percentage and estimated time remaining. To optimize battery performance, your rental car will charge to 90%. 

4. When complete, for most EV’s, push the connector button to stop charging (for Polestars, press the button next to the charging socket), then remove the cable and return to the charging station. 


Australia & New Zealand EV Charging Map 


AMany people assume that when they get in an electric car for the first time, it’ll be just like driving a gas-powered car with an automatic transmission. But electric cars work a little differently.  

There are only two pedals, the throttle and the brake, just like an automatic. However, while an automatic transmission works its way up and down the gears according to the car’s speed and load being placed on the engine, EVs effectively only have one gear. 

What this means is that the torque that petrol-fueled cars must gradually build up is immediately available in an electric vehicle. As a result, the acceleration from a standing start can be very rapid as the power is directly applied to the wheels. 

You’ll find this levels off as you reach higher speeds, so the acceleration between 60kmph and 95kmph will not be as dramatic, but it should still be comparable to a gas-powered car. 

A: Regenerative breaking refers to how electric and hybrid vehicles slow down once the foot is taken off the accelerator. This captures kinetic energy to either transfer to the electric motor or storing in the battery pack.  

A: All our electric rental cars have room for five passengers and space in the trunk for one large suitcase and two small suitcases. EVs in our range are equipped with air conditioning and automatic transmission. While selected models feature the latest safety technology and driver aids, such as semi-autonomous tech – supercharging each drive. Renting an electric car with Hertz couldn’t be easier. Simply select the vehicle you want to reserve below, select your pickup and drop-off dates and times, then confirm your booking to ensure your car is available when you arrive. 

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It’s easy and free to sign up to be a Blue Chip member and when you sign up you get everything you could possibly want when it comes to renting a car.    

Blue Chip members save 15% off base rate on every rental, access to exclusive member only offers, getting on the road faster with priority counter service and add a free additional driver (spouse or domestic partner) to bookings. 

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