Offsetting your carbon footprint

At Thrifty we understand the importance of reducing our individual and collective carbon footprints. Our exclusive carbon neutral rental option means you can drive with a clear conscience, knowing that one tree will be planted by Thrifty for every 600km you travel in our rental car.

The GreenFleet initiative has been carefully developed and introduced so companies can deliver a far greater level of sustainability in their daily operation. There are four key targets for this programme: reduce emissions, improve transport efficiency, reduce transport costs and offset emissions through tree planting.

We love the stunning, pristine environment throughout New Zealand – and we’d like to keep it this way. It’s why we had no hesitation in joining GreenFleet and why we hope our competitors will follow our example and join in the future.

You can choose the GreenFleet option at the counter, over the phone or when booking online. For further ways of reducing your emissions (and your fuel bill) check out these helpful tips.

Through the GreenFleet initiative one tree will be planted for every 600km travelled in a Thrifty rental car. It’s easy to support this vital work with a small payment of $1.38 per day when renting your car.