Rotorua Airport








Where is the branch located?

Located inside the Rotorua Airport arrivals, near baggage collection carousel.

Rotorua Airport Car Rental FAQs

Park vehicle in Thrifty bay in the public carpark and return key to the Thrifty desk inside the arrivals terminal. There is a key return drop on the counter if unattended.

After hour key return is available until the airport closes at 2100.

Contact the branch directly to arrange after hours collection.

If you are running late and you won't be able to collect your rental car at the allocated time, it is important to get in touch with the branch you are collecting from so that we can make alternate arrangements.

Car Rental Rotorua Airport

Rotorua, located centrally on the North Island of New Zealand, is renowned worldwide for something quite spectacular. No, it’s got nothing to do with Lord of The Rings, although there are some great ‘Middle-Earth’ experiences in the area. Instead, it’s something that comes from deep in the Earth - mud and water. Rotorua is a geothermal wonderland filled with volcanoes, geysers, bubbling pools and volcanic valleys. This geothermal activity brings up mud and water from deep in the Earth, straight to the surface. While this might not sound like much, this is no ordinary mud or water, as it is filled with healing minerals. This mud has natural cleansing, antiseptic, healing and skin rebalancing properties. The many day spas, beauty salons, and wellness centres of Rotorua use the mud and water in their procedures. 

There are even natural hot springs and mud pools that are the right temperature for bathing and relaxing in, such as Kerosene Creek, just a 25-minute drive from the CBD. With free entry, relaxing never felt so good.

Sometimes the Best Things in Life are Free with a hire car

Often the phrase “the best things in life are free” doesn’t ring true. But around Rotorua you might have a change of heart, with free entry to fantastic and unique National Parks. See the Whakarewarewa Redwoods, located just a 5-minute drive from Rotorua central. These trees can be over 70 metres tall and make for an amazing spectacle. It is tempting to spend the entire walk looking straight up at the height of these trees; just make sure to look where you’re going and watch your step while you do!

Kuirau Park is an easy addition to a day’s plans. Located in central Rotorua, you don’t even have to leave the city so see some calming nature. Kuirau Park features a free to access geothermal park filled with mud pools, Crater Lake and hot springs. Enjoy these hot wonders while taking in the park’s immaculately curated gardens. Sometimes it’s fun to enjoy things at your own pace, with no tours or tour guides, just you and the day ahead. Many of the parks and the surrounding area have free natural hot springs to enjoy. With so many places to walk and drive, these will come in handy during your trip to Rotorua.

Drive Around in your Rental Car for Some Geothermal Fun

You don’t have to cover yourself in mud to enjoy the wonders of Rotorua geothermal activity. Walking around the parks and valleys that feature these unique geothermic phenomena is also a blast. A short 20-minute drive south in your hire car will see you arrive at Waimangu Volcanic Valley, the world’s youngest geothermal valley. Walk around by yourself in a self-guided tour or book a guided tour from one of the lovely people that work at the valley. See volcanic craters, hot springs, geysers and unique flora and fauna. The valley is also home to Frying Pan Lake, the largest hot spring in the world. The experiences also extend to boat cruises and kayaking. In addition, there are walking options for everyone, from short strolls to longer hikes.

This is just some of the geothermal fun you can have in Rotorua. Whether you’re covered in mud or just watching it bubble from a distance, there is fun to be had. With National Parks and incredible scenery all within a 20-minute driving distance in your rental car from the Rotorua Airport or CBD. From free hot springs at Kerosene Creek to one of many day spas, you’ll find it impossible not to relax at this wonder of the natural world.

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