Local Thrifty Car Rental manager Terry Christie has come up with an innovative solution to beating the traffic in South Melbourne – an electric bike.

Terry and his team – based on Montague Street, South Melbourne – use the electric bike for deliveries and pick-ups, saving cost in fuel and increasing productivity from the time it has saved them.

Terry, who is a franchisee for Thrifty Car Rental, said: “Being an inner city location with a high level of focus on our strong corporate base, we were continually out of the office picking up and delivering vehicles – meaning that we had two people out of the office to deliver or collect each vehicle.

“With being a team of just four, this then puts more pressure on the rental staff that are left in the office, causing loss of time and potential missed bookings from our valued customers.

“The “easy bike” has taken all of those concerns away as we now send one person out to pick-up or deliver. The hours it has saved in productivity has probably paid for the cost of the bike. It’s been the best investment I’ve made outside of buying my franchise!”

The bike is very compact and weighs approximately 20kgs, folding away very easily. Users have the option to pedal or use the 200 watts of power to enjoy travelling at around 25kmh.

There is no special license needed for the bike and it can travel up to 50kms in one charge.
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