We’re always looking for ways to make your time on our roads as enjoyable as possible. Whether it’s our range of vehicles or our accessibility across New Zealand, you’re never far from hitting the open road with us.

One thing that we’ve spotted recently, however, is a few questions about AdBlue. So, to help, we thought we’d dedicate an article to what it is and why it isn’t required at all when you rent any of our vehicles.

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is an exhaust fluid that gets added to some diesel vehicles. It’s designed to reduce harmful emissions and it’s stored in a separate tank to fuel or any other fluids. And although AdBlue is the general term, it’s also known as Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).

How does AdBlue work?

By using non-toxic, biodegradable urea that’s mixed with de-oinised water, AdBlue helps to remove harmful nitrogen oxide from exhaust by turning into harmless nitrogen and water.

Why don’t Thrifty vehicles require AdBlue?

On average, our fleet is only nine months old. And Although AdBlue technology is more commonly found in newer vehicles, none of our vehicles require AdBlue or any form of DEF.

What happens if I fill my Thrifty Rental with AdBlue?

Putting AdBlue in any Thrifty Rental car can cause expensive damage to the fuel tank, pump and injection system and is likely to be an expensive insurance write-off. This not covered by your reduced risk or stress-free cover, and you will be liable for any costs.

Essentially, you have little to worry about when you rent a Thrifty rental car. All you need to ensure is that you use the correct fuel to fill them, and that you return them with a full tank. For more information, feel free to contact us online.