Last week we invited Clare, one of our valued customers, to try out our Metro car service during a day down in Christchurch. Our intrepid photographer James tagged along for the ride.








The last time I visited the garden city on business I relied on taxis to get me from a to b, an expense that quickly added up. This time I was looking for a little more independence, so I headed to the Thrifty airport counter and signed up for a Metro car. The entire process took about ten minutes from the time I started chatting to the Thrifty rep to the time I walked away with the keys, and I couldn’t have been more impressed by the friendly service. Once outside I easily located my car, an immaculate Holden Spark, and was immediately struck by the surprising amount of space this compact car boasted.


Distance travelled – 6.3km
Taxi Fare – $33.10 (including airport tariff)
Metro Car – $69.00

First things first I needed a coffee fix, so I headed to Procope Cafe in Fendalton, where I satisfied my caffeine cravings and caught up on some emails.  Impromptu stops like this certainly wouldn’t have been possible in a taxi.



Distance travelled – 12km
Taxi Fare – $59.00
Metro Car – $69.00

I headed to my first appointment of the day, with the nimble Spark helping me easily negotiate my way through the central city to Peterborough Street.



Distance travelled – 13.2km
Taxi Fare – $68.00
Metro Car – $69.00

Meeting done and it was time for lunch, so I grabbed a sandwich and headed to the stunning Botanical Gardens, where I parked up and enjoyed a quick bite.


Distance travelled – 14.3km
Taxi Fare – $76.10
Metro Car – $69.00

Having finished lunch and ticked two more brief meetings off my list I found myself with some time to kill, so I took a drive through the city, eventually deciding to stop in at the Re:Start Mall.


Distance travelled – 24.5km
Taxi Fare – $123.90 (including airport tariff)
Metro Car – $69.00

With a productive day under my belt I headed back to the airport. The drop-off process was as quick and efficient as the pick-up had been, and before I knew it I was boarding my flight and heading for home.

At the end of the day I spent about half as much on a rental as I would have on taxis. But while the savings were nice, it was the freedom and independence that was the real benefit. In a taxi I wouldn’t have afforded myself the luxury of cruising around the city and checking out the sights; I wouldn’t have been able to stop on a whim at the Re:Start Mall, and I wouldn’t have been able to park up alongside the Botanical Gardens and enjoy a relaxing lunch amidst such tranquil surroundings.

The Metro deal that Clare took advantage of costs just $69 a day, including accident excess reduction insurance cover, premium location surcharge, 150km free per day, GST and credit card fees. Our Metro fleet includes a range of quality compact vehicles such as the Holden Spark and the Suzuki Swift.