Thrifty Tips – Long Distance Driving

P31018_Thrifty_Metro_Blog_Images_V111(1)Taking a long distance drive across the country? Planning is the key when it comes to long distance driving.  Making sure you have the car stocked with everything you need as well as planning your route will ensure your journey is safe and enjoyable.

You’ll need to pack a few essentials and run through a checklist to make sure you’re well prepared before hitting the road.

The first essentials to ensuring you have a great journey are:

  • If you are coming off a long flight, plan to spend your first night in your arrival city to ensure you are rested before you begin driving.
  • Plan to drive only 1-2 hours at a time, with regular breaks. There is a lot to see in New Zealand, so stop often, stretch your legs, take some photos, or enjoy a bite to eat along the way.

Planning for a Long Distance Drive

Food and Drink

If you’re travelling to remote areas where there might be little to no water available, stock up on water.
Don’t forget about snacks, either! What’s the point of the whole trip if you’re not going to feast on treats as you drive?

Plan Your Rest Stops

Driving fatigue is dangerous and should be avoided. As exciting as it is to be behind the wheel – you must take breaks along the way to reset your mind and relax your body. This is where those planned rest stops will come in handy.

If you’re travelling with children, find ways to keep them occupied during the journey. Give them audiobooks, instant cameras and a few toys to keep them engaged. You could also make a trip to the $2 store to stock up on a few inexpensive toys. Check out our top tips to entertain kids on long car hire trips.

Weather Ready

Lastly, always check the weather  and road conditions before you climb in for a long haul journey. Adjust your speed and drive to the conditions if the weather is inclement and go see what the world wants you to discover.

Car Hire in New Zealand

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