Asking the hard-hitting questions in preparation for summer holiday travel – Thrifty Car Rental NZ held ‘The Great Kiwi Road Trip Debate’ on its Facebook page to find out from its customers…

What’s best, lollies or a petrol station pie? Do back roads get you there faster? Do you keep going to the next town if the fuel light is on? and what tricks combat the dreaded travel sickness best?

For all those travel sickness sufferers, some of the best and most bizarre travel sickness tips from Thrifty’s Facebook fans included, sitting on newspaper, putting in an ear plug, putting headphones on or tissues in the opposite ear to your dominant hand and passing normal shop bought lollypops off as magic when trying to aid small children with car sickness.

Some of the more traditional methods included, ginger nuts, ginger ale, ice blocks, cool cars, smooth driving and sitting in the front seat.

All pie lovers will be surprised to hear that 66% of those surveyed prefer lollies over a petrol station pie. Survey respondents said the logistics of eating a pie made things difficult, but pies were great for refuelling.

Recommendations included, Oddfellow mints and Minties for the lolly fans and for the pie fanatics, a peppered steak pie and a cold drink.

According to those surveyed, back roads do get you there faster, with an overwhelming 72% saying they use backroads when road tripping. New Zealanders have faith that they will make it to the next town when the fuel light is on. 80% of those surveyed said they would give it a go if they needed to. Though as one Facebook user put it, you never ever want to try. It’s either a long walk forward or back… Just keep it filled.