Currently all Thrifty Australia locations are open and operational. Due to the volatile nature of the bushfire crisis and weather conditions around the country, we recommend checking the Thrifty Australian website if you are concerned or would like to check on your booking in Australia.

Some of Thrifty Australia locations have been impacted by fires and/or drought in recent times, however they have been in contact with active customers to minimize the impact to them and their journey.  If further interruption occurs, the Thrifty Australia website will be updated and they ask for your patience during this time.

Thrifty Australia is committed to ensuring that no customer who has been impacted by the bushfire crisis will be adversely impacted in respect of their Thrifty Australia rental. The Australian team are ready to help should a customer be forced due to the fires to return their vehicle to an alternate location, cancel bookings, return vehicles early or later than scheduled, or abandon their vehicle due to evacuation requirements.

Thrifty Australia’s National Contact Centre is available 24/7 on 1300 367 227, and the team are fully briefed on the latest updates and are available to assist our customers at any time.

We urge anyone travelling in Australia at this time to check with the Rural Fire Service and emergency services communication channels to ensure their route and destination are safe. Please stay safe.