Thrifty is proud to be sponsoring the world-famous Kepler Challenge Mountain Run again this year, a grueling 60km event considered the ‘jewel in New Zealand’s mountain running calendar’.

With our support fully behind this unique occasion it seemed only appropriate that we should have a representative competing, and Carly Wilson, the Communications Manager for Thrifty Australia, was up for the challenge!

Having been a mad-keen runner for the last ten years, Carly kick-starts her days with a 10km run, taking her Border Collie and Kelpie pup along for the ride. Addicted to the fresh air in her lungs and the endorphins coursing through her body, she says she’s both nervous and excited about the impending run, which takes place around the stunning Te Anau region on Saturday, December 7th.

We’ve also supplied promotional items for the entrant’s packs and a 21-day hire of a 4WD vehicle, while our Thrifty signage will be visible throughout the event. We’d like to take this opportunity to wish all the competitors the very best of luck, including our very own Carly – give it heaps!