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Thrifty vehicles affected by Tasmanian bushfires

07/01/2013, Joel Blog

Thrifty Car Rentals will not be charging its customers the full amount of their car rental if they have to abandon their vehicle due to the Tasmanian bushfires.

The rental agreement will close as soon as Thrifty understands that the customer has had to abandon the vehicle.

Furthermore, Thrifty will not be passing on the costs of recovering abandoned vehicles and will organise to return any belongings recovered from rental vehicles. Thrifty is contacting its customers in Tasmania to notify them of these arrangements.

Thrifty is advising all its customers that in the event of an evacuation their personal safety is our primary concern and that they should follow the instructions of local authorities.

As Thrifty self insures its rental fleet, the cost of any vehicles destroyed in the bushfires will not be passed on to its customers.

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