We’re pretty lucky that almost everywhere you travel in New Zealand presents amazing photo opportunities. If you’re hiring a rental car for a road trip anytime soon, chances are you’ll be able to capture an Instagram worthy image or two along the way.

If you really want to up your gram game, and be the envy of the followers on your feed, we’ve put together some tips to give you an edge on Instagram.

  • Ensure your lens is squeaky clean
    It sounds like a no brainer, but many shots of amazing vistas have been let down by a dirty lens. After all, how can you see the crisp definition of a mountain peak or spot the detail in a flower field if the lens your capturing them on is foggy? Give your lens a quick wipe and you’re away.
  • Set the scene
    Capturing good photos takes planning and most of great Instagram photos you see are the result of careful set ups. Whether that means driving around for an ideal spot, trying out different angles or taking the same shot at different times of the day for different lighting, getting that perfect shot takes time. Luckily, if you’re hiring from us, many of our cars have unlimited k’s so you don’t need to feel guilty about clocking them up.
  • Get snap happy
    From time to time you may get lucky and get a hole in one, but just like that perfect shot can take time, it can take a lot of snapping too. You may need to take a number of shots of the same thing before you come across a winner.
  • Use different apps
    While Instagram is your destination, it doesn’t need to be your means. Try taking your shots with your phones inbuilt camera app. Your iPhone or Android app will usually offer you more control and features, including changeable focus and exposure settings.
    For editing, Instagram’s app has some good filters, or you can use Snapseed or Vsco which are favourites of many bloggers.
  • Flip it
    For everyday use, you probably keep your phone vertical, but when it comes to photography, flipping it to a horizontal position can offer you more editing freedom.
  • Safety first
    Getting an Instagram worthy photo is great, but nothing is important as your safety, so keep that in mind when you’re taking photos and be careful to stay off roads, and don’t put yourself in dangerous positions.

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