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NZ Portal for AMS Agents

Auto Club Member Offers

  • Thrifty offers a wide range of vehicles at an affordable price from over 210 locations across Australia and 28 locations across New Zealand. Thrifty values the relationship between the Australian Auto Clubs and aims to provide club members with exceptional service delivery and value for money. Member offers include:
      • Discounted member rates off the ‘best rate of the day’
      • $5 per day off optional insurance cover

Optional Insurance Cover

An Accident Damage Excess of $3,450 (ECAR to FCAR) to $4,025 (IFAR to UFMR) applies to each rental. Auto Club Members can opt to reduce this excess by either purchasing Total Protection Package (TPP) or Accident Excess Reduction (AER) insurance cover. Exclusive Member rates for TPP with nil excess are $29.90 per day for standard fleet (ECAR to FCAR) and $35.65 per day for specialty fleet (IFAR to UFMR). Exclusive Member rates for AER are $24.15 per day for standard fleet (ECAR to FCAR), reducing the excess to $345; and $29.90 per day for specialty fleet (IFAR to UFMR), reducing the excess to $575. Please refer to the training manual (link below) for details on weekly rates.

Agent Training Manual

Check out our step-by-step guide, which contains everything you need to know about renting a car with Thrifty New Zealand. Meet our fleet, find out about North & South Island hires, plus get ready for the upcoming winter season with details on snow racks & chains. Click here to view & download the manual online.


This website provides reservations in New Zealand currency and the GST in New Zealand is 15%. To convert to Australian dollars use this Currency Converter as a guide.

Staff Discounts

Always wanted to dress up as a hobbit on the Lord of the Rings movie set? Well you can… at a discounted staff rate too! Don’t forget to take advantage of Thrifty’s exclusive 20% discount for Australian Motoring Club agents. Simple insert an ‘S’ following the name of your Motoring Club into the promotion code field when making a reservation online, for example, ‘RACVS’. Proof of employment must be shown at the counter on pick up (i.e. an auto club business card).

Priority Phone Line

Call our agent’s priority phone line: 1300 741 267 (Press 2 for New Zealand)

By calling our priority number ensures you obtain the fastest, most efficient service. Please identify which club you represent when calling as well as your Branch vendor details. Please note that this number is not to be given to Members.

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If you have any questions on how to sell New Zealand car rental, please contact your local Thrifty Relationship Executive:

Fiona Southee
Partnership Manager
Thrifty Car Rental
P:  02 8337 2741
M: 0481 430 262
E:  [email protected]

Kate Richardson
Relationship Executive VIC & TAS
Thrifty Car Rental
P: 03 9241 6214
M: 0414 247 616
E: [email protected]

Pauline Woods
Relationship Executive – WA,SA & NT
Thrifty Car Rental
M:  0401 560 604