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Easy! Grab a free rental car with Thrifty!

You cover the fuel and any additional damage cover, and we’ll cover the car for 48 hours!

What a Deal! 

We often need to relocate our vehicles around New Zealand so we offer free car hire from specific locations at certain times.

Road Trip! 

What a great way to see New Zealand without even opening your wallet. Just a little forward planning and the freedom of the road is exactly that – free!

The Details:

Free car relocations are on a first-in, first-served basis so it pays to keep an eye on this site at the routes currently going. Once you’ve booked you have a set amount of time to pick it up and get it to the destination. View our terms and conditions here.

We’re in the process of updating our website relocations experience, if you are interested in a relocation deal in the meantime please call our Contact Centre on 0800 73 70 70 to book.