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Our Range of Vehicles

What are you looking for when hiring a rental car?

A small car to zip around the city on business? A large car to venture further afield? A tough-built 4WD for adventuring? A big and beautiful people mover for group travel? Or even a van or ute for getting stuff from A to B?

Our extensive rental car selection offers excellent value for whatever journey you're about to head off on. And it's backed by our commitment to going above and beyond with our service. We know every traveller is different in what they require; so we check every detail to ensure you get the car that's just right for you. 'How Can We Help Today?' is more than our tagline. It's our mantra - all day, every day.

Our modern fleet is safe and fuel-efficient – our Toyota, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Ssangyong, Holden, Kia and Suzuki rental vehicles are, on average, only 9 months in age. That means you can be assured of quality.

What are you looking for in a rental car? Great value, a large selection and quality service?

You're in the right place.

Economy Rental Cars

If your pockets are on the small side and you want something that will run on the smell of an oily rag, choose a hire car from our economy range.

Thrifty Mitsubishi Mirage MCAR

Mitsubishi Mirage (or similar)

Driving around a new city (and finding a parking spot) can be fraught with peril. Luckily, the solution is an obvious one. The Mitsubishi Mirage made quite the impact when it was introduced here – it's popularity for city driving quickly caught on. With great handling, acceleration and style this small car is also spacious enough to carry five adults while providing room for luggage storage. Which could be why it's so ideal for business travel and for day trips.

ANCAP Safety Rating - 5 Stars

Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris (or similar)

The Toyota Yaris is a great choice when you need a business rental car or a sturdy, compact vehicle to get quickly and capably around the city (and further afield when necessary). Thanks to some clever design touches there's space galore inside. This capability, combined with all the convenient features and superb handling, makes the Yaris a pleasure to drive.

ANCAP Safety Rating - 5 Stars

Medium Rental Cars

If you're planning a longer drive or just want a little bit more comfort, choose from our extensive medium size range for your next car hire. 

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla (or similar)

It's an international bestseller for a reason. The comfort, reliability and genuine pleasure in driving the Corolla have made this car a modern classic. With bold European styling, enhanced safety features and a sporty performance this is a vehicle that rewards the driver every time they hop behind the wheel. You'll want to drive the length of State Highway 1, there and back and there again.

ANCAP Safety Rating - 5 Stars

Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry (or similar)

For a drive that's dependable and design that's impeccable the Camry delivers effortless power and grace, storage to spare and safe, luxurious and relaxing travel. A spacious and stylish interior (combined with some grunt under the hood) means there's never a good reason not to jump behind the wheel of a Camry and get out on the open road, which pretty much makes it the perfect rental car for a New Zealand driving holiday.

ANCAP Safety Rating - 5 Stars

Large Rental Cars

Need a little more room for the family?

Toyota Aurion

Toyota Aurion (or similar)

Sleek, stylish and unmistakably capable, the Aurion stands out as it powers ahead. With New Zealand's rugged landscape you can be on every type of driving surface just a few minutes outside of any town centre. So it pays to have a rental car that can handle everything that's thrown at it. The Aurion is this car. Not only will you arrive safe and sound – you'll do so in the finest style too.

ANCAP Safety Rating - 5 Stars


Going to the ends of the Earth or planning a trip up the mountains? You'll need something a bit more rugged. Thrifty also offer a choice in 4wd car hire.

Thrifty Toyota Rav4

Toyota RAV4 (or similar)

The popularity of the RAV4 in this country can be put down to one word: versatility. So, what would you like to know? Going on a New Zealand camping trip? There's a huge cargo capacity. Inner city parking? You'll be surprised at the spaces you can get into. Taking a group out? There's room to seat five. At the pump? It's surprisingly inexpensive. In fact, if the RAV4 was a multi-choice test answer, it would be D) All of the above.

ANCAP Safety Rating - 5 Stars

Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander (or similar)

What rental 4WD will you choose for travelling in New Zealand? There can be only one. This vehicle has seating for up to seven and a host of innovative interior design features to free up space and load up luggage. And, with superior handling, the Highlander will ensure you can negotiate the many twists and turns of our country's roads with power, control and comfort. It's the SUV with space and speed.

ANCAP Safety Rating - 5 Stars

 Toyota Prado

Toyota Prado (or similar)

When you need a rental car that's as good around town as it is off-road the Prado sure packs in the features. And, with intelligent design and great handling, it's perfect for a trip up the mountains (which is probably why the Prado is such a popular Queenstown rental car). There, and throughout the country, this vehicle's compact power and versatility has delivered time and time again.

ANCAP Safety Rating - 5 Stars

Minivans, Cargo Vans and Utility Vehicles

If you like a bit of prestige and luxury, at Thrifty, we can also cater for your needs with our range of premium rental cars.

Thrifty Toyota Previa LVAR

Toyota Previa (or similar)

If you're looking for a luxury people mover the Previa has a well-earned reputation for safety and reliability. With these features (and superior performance and comfort) the Previa has proven popular with many of our customers. Negotiating the ever-changing New Zealand roads, they appreciate the smooth ride, great views and peace-of-mind the Previa provides. For great group travel for up to 8 people, this is as good as it gets.

ANCAP Safety Rating - 5 Stars

Toyota Hiace

Toyota Hiace Minivan (or similar)

What's better than driving around New Zealand? How about doing it with a group of mates? And what better way to share the journey than in the 12 seater Hiace minibus? For sports team transportation, family travel and anything else that requires a large amount of backseat drivers, the HiAce fits the bill.

ANCAP Safety Rating - 4 Stars

Tpyota HiAce

Toyota Hiace Cargo (or similar)

The Hiace Cargo packs a huge amount of convenient cargo capability inside it. When you need a rental vehicle on moving day, for transporting goods across town or for longer trips intercity you'll find this is the van to do it in. Comfortable, economical, easy to drive and always reliable, the Hiace is simply a great way to transport your goods.   

ANCAP Safety Rating - 4 Stars

 Thrifty Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux (or similar)

The Hilux is your go-to 4WD for go-forward grunt and power. The popular utility vehicle doesn't just provide in the looks and handling departments either. You'll find the clever design and rugged construction allows you to relax in every testing condition that New Zealand can deliver. On the farm, on site, on the job - it doesn't matter where - with the uncompromising capability of the Hilux you'll stay on top of everything. This auto utility vehicle includes a reversing camera and in-built GPS.

ANCAP Safety Rating - 5 Stars