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Scooter Update

Hire a scooter in Wellington or Picton!

Nifty scooters are available for hire at Thrifty’s Wellington or Picton locations for just $20 per day (that’s 24 hours) for anyone with a valid restricted or full drivers’ licence.

Euro 50 scooter highlights:
  • 4 stroke; 49cc engine
  • 6 litre fuel tank – that’s 300km of travel!
  • Shopping storage
  • Stylish helmet
  • High vis safety vest (it’s all the rage didn’t you know?!)

To book a scooter online, simply select either our Picton or Wellington City location and choose your dates and times. You’ll find the scooters as an option on step 2 of the booking process.

Optional damage excess reduction cover is available upon pick up at the branch for $11.50 including GST per day. We’ll just need to run you through a 15 minute safety briefing before you zoom off. Check out Wellington City Council’s useful safety guide & handy map. ACC also have a guide to what wear when riding a scooter.