Auckland off the Beaten Track

So, do you want to explore Auckland a bit differently from the tourist trail? 

Auckland is the most populous city in New Zealand, and it is frequently visited by tourists all over the world. With plenty to see and do within the main city borders, many who visit forget to step outside and experience this region away from the popular spots. This blog is for those that want to experience Auckland off the beaten track. 

Lake Wainamu

Lake Wainamu, the perfect watering hole for when you don’t want to drive all the way to the beach in the middle of summer, is still somewhat of a hidden treasure. Favoured by locals for its gorgeous waters, this is a great spot for swimming, water activities, tanning, and picnicking. Be sure to pack some kind of footwear though, as the area surrounding the lake is covered in black sand, which can be very hot during the summer months. 

O’Neill Bay

This is one of the most ‘off the beaten track’ locations you can find in Auckland. Mostly because you’ll actually have to go off the beaten track to find it. O’Neill Bay is located just two kilometres off the Te Henga Walkway and is a secluded, picturesque black sand beach. If you’re feeling active, you don’t have to stop here for the day, but can continue on along Te Henga - pack your sunnies, your camera, and your walking shoes, because the views of this walk are truly unbeatable. 

Moire Park

Moire Park is a delight located in West Auckland. It’s the perfect break from the beach, with plenty of walking trails throughout that are surrounded by lush native forest. It’s a great place to just enjoy being outside - head to the playground, kick a ball around, hike through the park, or simply find a great place for a picnic. The choices are limitless. 

The PumpHouse Theatre

Take a break from nature and instead experience some of the arts and culture that Auckland has to offer. The PumpHouse Theatre is a firm favourite amongst locals: it sits on the shores of Lake Pupuke in Takapuna, and is a converted water pumping station. Now, it’s a theatre and arts centre with a unique and interesting history! You can enjoy a show here all year round, but it’s particularly special in the summer months, as there are outdoor Shakespeare shows performed in the amphitheatre. 

Rangitoto Island

Visible from the mainland, Rangitoto Island is simply a sight to take a picture of for many who visit Auckland. However, this famous Auckland landmark is actually the perfect place for a day trip, and with many locals still not having made the trip, it’s definitely worth getting across here before it becomes too popular. There are three boat services a day to the island, so pack your day trip essentials and enjoy all that this beautiful island has to offer!


Orewa is just 30-minutes outside of central Auckland and is well worth a visit if you’re staying in the city. It’s a long beach with the Pacific Ocean as its backdrop, making it perfect for walks, swims, surfs, and so much more. Stretching over 3-kilometres in length, you’ll often feel like you’re the only one on the beach while visiting here. The town of Orewa is just as special, with community energy unlike any other. 

Auckland is a fantastic city to visit at any time of year. But, many tourists stick to the tourist track and don’t see what else this city has to offer. While there are plenty of beautiful spots that feature regularly on listicles and travel guides, these places have some of that untouched magic to them, as they’re still relatively undiscovered. Of course, however you choose to spend your time in Auckland, you’ll have a blast.

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To uncover all that Auckland has to offer, hire a car from Auckland Airport or Auckland Downtown today!

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