Family-friendly Activities in Queenstown

Queenstown is the much-loved adventure playground in New Zealand’s South Island. Famed for its adrenaline-filled activities, this city also has many family-friendly activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family.  This blog will list out the best family-friendly activities in Queenstown.

Skyline Gondola and Luge

Head up high in the sky on the iconic Skyline Gondola goes all the way up to the top of Bob’s Peak.  Up here you can enjoy fantastic views before taking part in the fun activity of luging. The luge has become a favourite activity for people all over the world, and it’s a must-do for anyone visiting Queenstown. You’ll be able to enjoy over 800 metres of the fun track ahead, and with two different tracks to try, it’s safe for all the family to enjoy!

Horseback riding through a forest.
Horseback Riding

There are few sights that are more beautiful than the iconic countryside surrounding Queenstown. You can enjoy the best views while riding on horseback with all the family while on holiday here. The rides start as short as 20 minutes, which means even little ones can enjoy this activity without getting tired out. There are plenty of options available, from paddock sessions to full-blown adventure hikes - imagine how beautiful it would be to explore the backdrop of ‘Middle-earth’ while riding a horse with your family. There are many different companies that provide this activity, so we recommend researching ahead of time to get the best choice for your family. 

Jet Boating

It’s time for an adrenaline-filled activity! Jet boating is an exciting activity for all the family, and it has a great history here in Queenstown. This city is  home to the world’s first commercial jet boat tour, so you can connect with history while whizzing through the waters on Lake Wakatipu. It’s a family-friendly activity, and everyone will be safe and sound as they enjoy the thrills that come with the high-speeds and fantastic entertainment on board. 

Indoor Fun

Sometimes the weather lets us down when we’re on holiday, which means we can’t enjoy the outdoors like we want to. However, don’t let the rain outside keep you from having fun while on holiday in Queenstown! There are plenty of activities that take place indoors that can be enjoyed by all of the family. From indoor skydiving, climbing centres, go-karting, paintball, trampoline parks, arcades, mini-golf, and so much more, you’ll have the time of your life while staying inside. There are also movie theatres too, so if you fancy some downtime, head here for a nice evening relaxing while watching a great film on the big screen. 

Bike Rides

While many might venture to Queenstown for mountain biking or multi-day bike rides, there are  plenty of relaxed bike trails that the little ones can enjoy, too. Explore the flat trails as you enjoy the epic scenery, historic sights, and plenty of fun stops while having a day out as a family. Why not do part of the Queenstown Trail, which has frisbee golf, lakefront playgrounds, sculptures, swimming, and plenty of wildlife to enjoy along the way? You could easily spend a whole day pedalling through Queenstown before coming back to the city for a bite to eat and an evening activity. If you get tired along the way, you can head to a bike stop and get a shuttle back into town.

Kayaks resting on the short of a lake.
Water Activities

The water activities in Queenstown are varied but immensely fun. We’ve already listed the jet boat tours on offer, but if you want something less adrenaline-packed, you’ll find plenty here. Lake Wakatipu is the perfect backdrop for a water-based activity. Why not try parasailing, canoeing, kayaking or even braving the waters for a swim? There’s also the chance to venture off to Milford Sound for the day to enjoy a boat cruise across the fiord. Queenstown is never short of activities, and that definitely includes those on the water!

Queenstown is the city that keeps on giving. While many venture here for its adrenaline-filled activities, it’s easily enjoyed by people of all ages, too. Take your little ones on the holiday of their dreams and enjoy one of the many family-friendly activities here in Queenstown.       

To discover Queenstown's top family-friendly activities, hire a car from Queenstown Airport or Queenstown Downtown

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